leFoulard discovers textiles with history and creates silk foulard revivals from the timeless originals. The limited collections are handcrafted in the last silk screen factory of Switzerland.

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Collection «leGlaronais»


Once upon a time, sailors brought colorful printed cottons from India to Switzerland. The oriental patterns were reinterpreted and printed on cotton squares. Mostly in the colors red and blue. The story goes, that the red of the cottons originally was made out of cow dung. 


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Collection «leBauhaus»



Gunta Stölzl was the first and only female master at the Bauhaus. Groundbreakingly innovative, she wove metal threads, raffia, paper, and cellophane with wool and manipulated the looms together with her students, creating a total mindset shift at the textile design level. Gunta Stölzl’s weaving class has become the most profitable unit at Bauhaus Dessau and gained international attention.


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